Bitcoin Bandit - trading indicator for BTCUSD

Introducing "Bitcoin Bandit".

The market beating trading algorithm for Bitcoin .

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1.  Choose a subscription plan below:


• 1 month/$20 USD

• 3 months/$50 USD

• 6 months/$90 USD

• 12 months/$160 USD


2.  Then send the equivalent dollar amount in crypto to one of the wallet addresses below:











3. Email me at your

-tx hash so I can verify your payment

-the length of your subscription

-your TradingView account name so I can grant access



Read Me:


How to use:

• Once I have received payment for your subscription, send me your TradingView account name and I will grant your account access to the indicator for the duration of your subscription period.

• In order to add the indicator to your chart in Tradingview, go into the search bar and look for "Bitcoin Bandit" in Invite Only Scripts or Community Scripts. You can also connect TV alerts with a bot and let it run. Please be aware that SLIPPAGE time is important, If you run a bot on this indicator you HAVE to know that the buy/sell price will be on the bar AFTER the Candle close (For example: the BUY/SELL alert is on a candle, the buy/sell your bot or you will execute WILL be in the following candle depending on your trading system. Bitcoin Bandit only works on the Daily timeframe on the BTCUSD trading pair. Please contact us if you do not understand how to use it.


Message me on TradingView if you have any questions.






Twitter: gokubrocrypto

Twitter: BTCBanditAlgo


Disclaimer: Nothing stated here should be interpreted as financial advice, and is displayed purely for education purposes. We do not promise all trades are profitable, the use of this indicator is up to your own judgement and liability. Nimbus LLC bears no responsibility for any financial loss or gain acquired during the duration of the subscription.

**Due to the nature of this product. All sales are final.

***Contact me on TradingView or Twitter at @gokubrocrypto or @BTCBanditAlgo.